Our social responsibility is not only in cash and gold. Tee IP aims to give back to the society by imparting IP knowledge.

Our aspiration is to help Malaysia to stop being branded as a trading nation. We aim to help Malaysian businesses flourish through IP, so that Malaysia can be a competitive nation in the global market.

Previously, Tee IP has held many talks and seminars on IP. As of now, Tee IP’s main CSR program is the Intellectual Property (IP) Professional Course. It is a program in collaboration with KDU and provides participants with theoretical and practical guidance on the industries and sectors related to intellectual property.


The positive impact on the community.

Statistically, there were only 23,793 foreign trade mark applications filed from Malaysia, compared to 19,863 national trade mark application. In 2017, the foreign application was 21,612 while the national application was 19,481. There may seem to be an increase in number, but these numbers actually mean that not all Malaysians will apply for trade mark in more than one country overseas. By having more qualified agents in Malaysia, there will be more trade mark applications filed to MyIPO.



The participants will be the one to continue serving the community in giving quality IP services. That way, more people will contribute to IP developments in Malaysia and to our aspiration. The bigger vision is to create an ASEAN community of intellectual property lawyers that assist each other. This way, we will have highly qualified lawyers to train the new batch of IP professionals.