IP Valuation
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Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation


Intellectual property (IP) assets such as patents, trade marks, designs or copyrights are increasingly important to many companies. Renting (Licensing) and Buying or Selling (Assignment) of intellectual property rights have become familiar in the market, and the use of these types of asset as loan collateral has grown. This new reality has given rise to the growing importance of valuation of intangibles. Renting, buying and selling an asset requires knowing its value.

Why You Should Care About Valuation of Intellectual Property?

Knowing the economic value of your intellectual property rights will help in your commercialisation process.

There are many business situations where valuation is required:

  1. Negotiations to buy/sell or license intellectual property rights.
  2. Fund raising through bank loans or venture capital. A proper IP management play a crucial role in the decision of venture capitalists.
  3. Valuation of a company for the purposes of a merger, acquisition, joint venture or bankruptcy.
  4. Accounting and taxation purposes.
  5. Quantification of damages in situations of conflict, such as court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (such as arbitration).

How Tee Intellectual Property (TEEIP) Help You?

At TEEIP, IP Valuation is a team effort, involving several staff members with legal, technical, financial, marketing and strategic expertise.