Vision, Mission & Core Values
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Our Vision

Becoming Top 3 IP firm in Malaysia by year 2020

Our Mission

To share the best IP practices to businesses across ASEAN;
To build platform for ASEAN Intellectual Property for Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and experts in various fields;
To create a culture which values highly human capital as our main engine of growth, internally (our staffs appreciated) and externally (IP owners protected).

Core Values


We believe those who are highly motivated about the work we do, can make a difference in people’s lives through our work. We emphasize on maintaining the passion in what it is we do.


A spirit in serving our clients with the mindset “we can always find ways to improve”. We are always seeking of ways by which to improve and learn through the feedback from clients and associates.


To maintain a strong relationship with our working partners and clients. We are committed to meeting our professional obligations, accountable to serving our clients, and positively influence businesses and surrounding community.

We take pride in our profession.