Sueann Tan

Business Development Director and Legal Advisory

As the Director of Business Development and Legal Advisory, she is responsible for guiding, mentoring and managing her team in order to be able to thoroughly and discreetly fulfill all of her client’s IP needs and valued requests. Ever the consummate professional, she is driven, committed and passionate on anything and everything related to her work. She continuously and tirelessly updates her knowledge in IP, copyright, patent and industrial design laws not only for Malaysia, but also globally.

Her knowledge, adaptability and global outlook makes her an asset to her clients as she is able to assist them to navigate through the different laws and cultures that are in practice worldwide.

Additionally, her track record in providing timely, efficient, accurate and reliable service to her clients bar any compromises to quality is undisputed.

Practice Areas

  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • Industrial Design


Currently pursuing Law Degree

Expertise / Job Scope

  • Responsible for identifying and creating new areas for business development.
  • To advise clients on matters such as trademark, patent, copyright and industrial design.
  • To directly liaise with clients in order to assist them in answering all of their intellectual property needs and queries.
  • To provide clients with prompt, thorough and accurate solutions to all of their needs and valued requests.
  • To mentor and manage team members to work and collaborate together towards a singular goal of “Client First”.

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